In Love With Carrot Boy

The name is Madison.I love One Direction<3, but I have one little secret..I Madison used to live across the street from the Louis Tomlinson.We were soon seperated and never got to say good bye.Will Louis come back to say good bye or have a new begining?


3. Youtube

Madison's POV         Now all I can hear is some wierd sound coming from my friend,Lynn."let's go crazy,crazy,crazy ti'll we see the sun!!"So all I had to do is one little thing..."SHUT UP LYNN!!" when I say that everything goes silent.*Louis's part in Rock Me comes on*"OMG," I say as I look at my phone."Who is it?"Lynn asked "I don't know..I hope it is sleep calling."I say in a morning voice.I was too sleepy to answer my phone, so I let it go to voice mail.Soon after that I got a voice mail.It was someone calling about my Youtube videos.Wondering what to do to see about about it,I listened to the voice mail.When I herd the voice I would have never geussed who it was,all i know is that he has a british accent.'Hi this is from One Direction."said british and a hint of irish accents.As thay said ONE DIRECTION I FREAKED OUT!!!!So i listened to the rest of the voice mail,"we were kind of wondering if you could do or cloths and stuff like on your videos?If so call us back at 254-153-1635"once thay said the # I diled the # as fast as Niall goes through food."Hello?"said a farmiluar voice"Hi umm this is the person u called a while ago for the wordrobe job"Oh well when can u start and we need to know how old you are,birthday,and if you r curently in a relationship"Oh well I'm 20,04-15-93, and no I'm single,and why do you want to know if I'm single or not?"I asked very concerned"Good question...well because if you were we didn't want Harry flirting with you."When I herd "Harry"and"flirting" I burst out laughing"Ok I'm sorry I didn't mean to laugh at that"I say calling down."No it's when can you start?"I can start whenever you want me to."Ok well then you can start this Monday @ 7:00"Ok well I will see you monday then"Ok well bye"Bye"

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