In Love With Carrot Boy

The name is Madison.I love One Direction<3, but I have one little secret..I Madison used to live across the street from the Louis Tomlinson.We were soon seperated and never got to say good bye.Will Louis come back to say good bye or have a new begining?


4. The Call That Would Start My Future

Madison's P.O.V   Once i got off the phone I got a blank look from Lynn."Who was it that called you?" she asked very concerned."It was...." "GOD DAMNIT WOMEN TELL ME WHO IT WAS!!!!" "Okay okay it was one direction!!!!" I said as she leterally started crying.This might be because she LOVES Niall Horan SOOO MUCH.She has every inch of her wall covered with pictures of him.I had to admit he was attractive but the one I like was guess who.Louis.Yes I had to admit he was soo adorable with his blue eyes and his perfect skin.God I'm just going to say it.He turned me on. "So what did they want from you?" asked my very curouis friend "They wanted to know if I could do their makeup and wordrobe,no biggy" I said very confedently.Then I noticed something. I was going to start tomorrow.'When do you start?"Lynn asked "Tomorrow"I said but it was only 5 o'clock in the afternoon but I took a shower.I get out of the stemming shower i put my hair in a messy bun with my fringe hanging out.I had on a pair of pladded pants with a tanktop on ready for tomorrow.I set my alarm on my phone for 7:15 am.I sat on my soft bed and slowly drifted asleep

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