In Love With Carrot Boy

The name is Madison.I love One Direction<3, but I have one little secret..I Madison used to live across the street from the Louis Tomlinson.We were soon seperated and never got to say good bye.Will Louis come back to say good bye or have a new begining?


1. Childhood Memories

                                                           Madison's POV  (age 15)                                                                 *Knock*Knock*Knock*As the door opens I see my childhood friend,Louis, "Hi Madi!!" he says while waving his hands."Hi Lou."I say depressed,"What's wrong?" as he asked me that my eyes started to form with salty tears."Madison!!!Get your arse back hear now!!"my father calls out."Bye Louis." I say running to my house,"See you tommorrow?"Louis asked "Yea tommorrow."As I say that mumbling my loving mother asked me"Did you tell Louis?"when she asked that one question I broke down crying."I guess not?"as she comes giving me a warm hug.

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