Cheating Loving Running

Twin sisters Madi and Tara wake up on christmas morning and the last present they open are tickets to One Direction and Justin Bieber concert What they dont know is that they got backstage passes too, so when they meet Justin and One Direction's Niall Horan they invite them to thier after party. why did they do that you ask? thats for me to know and you to find out!


2. Present Time ;)

   Moms POV

I walk down the stairs and see the Madi and Tara had already started opening presents *NO! NOT THAT ONE SAVE THAT FOR LAST!*i yell at them. They put the present down.Mom they say why do we have to save it for last *you will see after* i say.

Tara's POV

We get to our last present our parents are staring and video taping i wisper to Madi *I hope there not hideing a spider* Madi responds *OMG yah hiold it far way*. As we unwrap the our present madi tells me to open it. I slowly wripped off the lid and looked in there and i saw tickets *OMG MADI THERE TICKETS TO THE JUST BIEBER AND ONE DIRECTION TOUR*Madi stands up and looks at me *OMG NO FUCKING WAY NO FUCKING WAY AHHHHHH* SHE RUNS UP AND DOWN THE STAIR AND IM JUMPING AROUND THE TREE. I look behind the tree...*Whats this behind the tree??? Madi look at this*! I pull out a Niall Horan cut out a Louis Tomlinson cut out a Harry Styles cut out and Liam Payne cut out and a Zayn Malik Cut out and a Justin bieber one! *OMG IM GONNA GO CRAZEH JUST STARING AT THESE.When do we go i ask turning to my mom and dad, look out side theres one more present he say to us.We run outside No way this has to be a dream! sitting right infront of us is a plum coloured box car.*you two are gonna drive to madison square garden in your new car.Omg NO WAY THANK YOU THANK YOU THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!*you guys better get going or your gonna miss the concert it starts tomorrow at 6pm you have along drive ahead of you so oack your stuff and dont forget your tickets!* *WE WONT THANK YOU MOM AND DAD SO MUCH!*



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