Cheating Loving Running

Twin sisters Madi and Tara wake up on christmas morning and the last present they open are tickets to One Direction and Justin Bieber concert What they dont know is that they got backstage passes too, so when they meet Justin and One Direction's Niall Horan they invite them to thier after party. why did they do that you ask? thats for me to know and you to find out!


1. christmas morning

Madi's POV

I wake in the pitch black the only light shining is my bright red alarm clock: 6:30 am. *perfect timing!* I say to myself. Even though im 17 years old im still exicted for christnas day! I find the light switch and open the door to my basement bedroom running up two flights of stairs to wake up my twin sister Tara *TARA WAKE UP WAKE UP! ITS CHRISTMAS!

        Tara's POV

I wake up to hearing my twin sister Madi yelling my name *TARA WAKE UP WAKE UP! ITS CHRISTMAS! me and madi run up to the ledge of the stairs and run to our parents room.*WAKE UP WAKE UP!*we said over 20 time and got really pissed *wake up son of a bitch*i say to my mom. I turn my head hearing what my sisters saying *dad if you dont get that dirty dick off that bed, im gonna cut it off and slap you in the face with it!*so he jolt out of the bed my mom gets up and we start laughing histacricly. My mom runs to the bathroom almost pissin her pants.

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