It All Started At The Bakery (Harry Styles fan fiction)

Bella was a normal girl, had a job, went to school, had crushes. She worked in a bakery in her home town, Holmes Chapel. One of her co workers went to her school, he was awfully cute and cheeky. Bella's perfect combo. She thought he kinda liked her. He had a beautiful singing voice.


1. The Begining

Authors Note:  Hey! I just made this account today so I'm sorry if this is suckie! It's my first fan fic and I'd like some support :) I just dont want any hate :) So I was wondering if any of you people would like to co write with me? I would love to have a co writer. So message me if any one would like to.

This book is copy right, all rights reserved. So if any one would like to use this material please ask me first. Any printing, publishing, copying or selling of this book is a crime and punishable by law. I came up with these ideas, and I'd like to have credit for them.

So now that I'm done, here is the story.



I tightened my wind breaker slightly so it was covering my hips.

I walked as my feet were sloshing in the puddles of rain.

I bit my lips slightly, dreading this interview. I looked down at my new boots, they were getting destroyed, and I was going to have to pay for new ones.

I turned at the narrow corner, looking for the bakery. I peeked over my hood, and there it was, the bakery I was applying to.

The rain was pouring down on my hood, racing down the lining of the jacket. I fiddled on the zipper as I pulled it up, instant warmth.

Maybe I should have done that before I left the house? I sighed, knowing how stupid I was. I approached the bakerey.

My fingers playing with the door handle. I took a deep breath, and walked in. A little 'ding' went off signaling that they had a customer.

 There was an old couple sitting in a booth, eating sweets together.

Other then that, the bakerey was completely empty.

I walked towards the counter, the sweet smell of powdered dougnuts approached my nose, I took a big sniff of the pastry's.

"Hello? Is anyone here?"

I asked cautiously.

"I'll be with you in just a minute,"

A female voice said,

"I'm icing some cookies."

She added.

I nodded to my self, clearly knowing she couldn't see me.

"Uh... Ok."

A middle aged women with a bee- hive hair do came out.

She had red glasses and a broad grin.

"Hello, you must be Bella, we've been expecting you,"

I giggled, I've always had fantasy's of people spinning around in big blackchairs and stroking cats saying 'we've been expecting you.'

Yeah, I was a troubled child...

"Yes, I am, are you Bethany?"

I asked, I had talked to Bethany on the phone about the interview.

"Yes. If you get the job, I will be your boss."

I made a mental note to myself to stay on her good side.


"So if we can just go to the back, we can get started,"

I followed her to the back of the bakerey, a little square room.

"Choose what seat you would like."

Bethany instructed.


I sat down, choosing a plush, purple arm chair.

"Would you like a drink or any refreshments?"

Bethany asked looking at a fridge that was in there,

"no, I'm fine for now, thanks though,"

Bethany nodded and looked down at her clip board.

"According to your resume, your a straight A student. Is this true?"

I looked at her confusingly.

"I mean, of course it's true, it's on my resume. Why wouldnt it be true?"

I asked furrowing my eyebrows.

"There is alot of people out there who lie on there resume,"

She said sadly,

"it's disgusting."

I nodded,

"sure is. So, um, are we going to do the interview now, or...?"

"Oh, yes, sorry. I always get so carried away. So, what makes you think your right for working at Sweeties?"

I shrugged, secretly laughing at the bakery name, Sweeties , I mean, thats a pretty funny name!

"Well, I don't. I'm just a normal teenage girl, trying to make money, trying to get a job. Nothing star quality about me,"

I said,

"sorry to dissapoint."

"No, that was a good answer."

She said smiling at me.

"Do you have any experience  with baking or cleaning ovens?"

"Actually, when I was young, my mum and dad owned a bakery called 'sweets and treats' I would help them bake and clean up, so I do have quite some experience, they sold the place when I was 12, I'm 16 now."

"Thats good, we do need a new cleaner upper."

She said winking.

"Then I'm your gal."

"Bella, I think I  have all I need for now, I will give you a call with the results."

"Ok, I just wanted to say thanks so much for this oppurtunaty."

I said shaking her hand.

She smiled.

"No Problem."

I smiled and walked out.

The old couple was gone, and some teenage boys replaced there spots.

"Bethany, can I start now? My shift, I mean?"

A voice behind me asked.

"Yeah, Harry, come on ahead."


Why is that name so familiar?


I yawned, I had an exhausting day, 3 interviews.

I really wanted a job.

I walked home, thank fully, the rain had cleared up nicely and a rainbow was forming.

I walked quickly back to my flat, and unlocked the door.

I walked into my flat, and my parents were making dinner.

"Mmm. Something smells Amazing!"

I gushed.

"Thanks honey, I'm making steak and potatoes and carrots, we are having guests tonight."

I groaned.

I completely forgot!

I just wanted to get a hot bath and got to bed!

"Whats wrong?"

My father asked.

"I'm tired!"

I whined,

"I had three interviews today!"

"Well then you need to have some fun!"

My older sister, Paige, said walking in.

"I know..."

"So who's coming?"

Paige asked.

"Uhmm. The neighbors, and some others.."

My mum said.

"Is it like dressy or....?"

I asked.

"Dress nicely, but casually."

My dad said.

I sighed.

I walked up to my room and pulled on a sleeveless purple dress, that came to half of my thigh.

I put on some mascara, some gold eyeshadow, lip gloss and straightened my hair.

I walked down stairs and the neighbors were already here.


I said greeting my neighbors.

"Hi Bella! How are you?"

"Good, you?"

"I'm good thanks for asking!"

I sat down in the living room and helped myself to an ordurve.


"Bells, come here!"

I walked into the kitchen and gulped.

Harry Styles, from my school, was standing there in my kitchen.








Authors note:


Sorry if it's short!

Leave a comment below if you wanna!

I really appreciate it if you read this.

I worked pretty hard on it :)


Soya, hope you liked it! Bye :)



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