My Mate


2. The day I meet My Mate

LUCAS POV-me and Jason (beta to be), and Juliet (Jason's mate) are running in the woods in our wolf form. the color my fur is black, Jason fur is dark brown, and Juliet is light brown with black paws. Oh here  my names Lucas and im the alpha to be. Im 20 and so is Jason but Juliet is 18 and we belong to the silvermist pack*sniff sniff*  

"I smell something""Same here""yep"

We run after it I see the most beautiful girl, Juliet looks at us and tells us to stay. She changes into a bunny Wait WHAT really a bunny

CASSIE POV-OK IM LOST AND IM SCARED BUT GUESS WHAT I SEE A BUNNY its cute I get and walk to the bunny and I pick her up  and i start petting her

" Hey little one you know what Im gonna name you little one but your nickname is hoppers or bouncy well can I tell you my life" Little one nods "Ok, Well my name is Cassie and im 16. Hey come here you dont need to be afraid of me"2 wolfs come over and I hoppers behind me and I pat my lap. The two wolves put their heads on my lap.

" Now you two dont hurt my hoppers OK" I grab hoppers and put her against my chest. And tell her they wont hurt her.

"Ok back to my story so I'm Cassie and I'm 16. I love animals and the woods but I know why, I'll tell you that later. I have bright red hair with neon blue underneath and bright blue eyes with  the edges bright pink and its all natural. I'm 4 ft and 6 inch. and I'm a werewolf. I'm belong to the Moon Shadow Pack.And guess what else I'm a white werewolf cub. Thats what I look like""Do you wanna see?" They shake their heads. So I go behind a tree, take my clothes off then transform.I run out barking.I run over to the black wolf and try to climb over him.I yelped ITS NOT MY FAULT HE TURNED. I run to him and start playing with him.I change back." Are you humans, too?"They nod yes "poo"They stare at me."GO change"

( TEEHEE bye bye my little hoppers)

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