My Mate


3. 3 ( idk a name for this one)


LUCAS POV- OK, so we leave and go behind trees and change.We look at eachother we start hearing singing.We look and see Cassie has a laptop out.

"Sorry" Cassie said 

"Its OK" I say

Cassie runs over and grabs Juliet and runs.Me and Jason chase her...............

We find them sitting in swings."ok so why did u take me"Juliet says, we hind behind the trees.

"The black werewolf is my mate and my mate is supposed to be the alpha of my pack, but he has a pack that he has to be the alpha of. Im stuck so tell me should I chose him, my pack or join ours packs" 

" man ur mate is from The Moon Shadow Pack, thats the most dangerous, vicious, violent.They are trained to kill everything that hurts them." Jason said.

Juliet pov- "Well you could do choice 3"

"Maybe, but what will my father say about this"

"I don't know you wanna try"

"Yes call yours and my mate"

"Ok but waitt how do you know who my mate is"

"I guessed and didn't think I was right"The boys run out

CASSIE pov- I called my pack and they called theirs.

Both packs walk over and they see me sitting in Lucas's lap. His head is on my shoulders and his arms wrapped protectively around my waist.."Whats going on here" My father and his father say.

"Shes my mate."  My brother walks up and takes me away from Lucas and his brother does the same.I look at Lucas and then change to my cub form and run over to Lucas and I look at him.

I start to run away.

LUCAS POV-" Go get her my son." Both mine and her father say to me.

I transform and  i sniff. I start running.


I found her.She is still in her cub form. She turns her head and runs over.I lick her and she licks me back.We start playing. We go to my place and  went to my room and we started to have sex.



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