OneDirection Imagines

fun stories with one direction....... ahhhhh the tittle says it all.
But ill make ones so you can fill in your name then if you like them coment tell me your name who you want to be with boyfriend or friends and anything else u want me to put in the story..... - Katelyn ( Katie )


1. Niall Imagine

You and Niall have been dating for 1 year now and he is coming back from tour tomorrow and you can't wait to see him. You are getting evrything ready for tomorrow. For dinner you got Nandos. Pretty spacific thing if you know him well.


" Y/N im home." Niall says

" NIALL YOUR HOME. " you say

"I missed you so much."you both say at the same time

you two both had dinner and talked alot but sometimes Niall wouldn't answer cause he was stuffing his face with food.....

you were finishing up washing the dishes and Niall said he was gonna go to the bathroom..... the next thing you know is that he is behind you in fluffy cookie monster pajamas holding ones out for you to put on.

" mr. and mrs. cookie monster " Niall

" thanks " you say


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