19 year olds jasmin and shannon go to England for the summer and stay at jasmins aunts when jasmin meets someone will everything work out


3. Address

i lay there and remembered i never told him where i lived i rang him back and told him i was staying at 32 stiles lane, we laughed togeher because i forgot to tell him the address and he forgot to ask he hung up and he seemed really happy to be coming over.

*Louis POV*

i was still laughing abit about the address thing when i got off the phone and got changed out of my calvin klein bottoms and put on a matching holister hoddie and bottoms as i went to leave the boys came in, oh grea just my luck "were r you heading off to" Liam asked he was always so worried about where we were going and if we were going to be alright he was daddy directionor "amm im going off to see a friend" i said "ooohhhhh" all the boys said at once as they teased me. i took off happy that she was only 10 minutes away from me so i just walked. when i got to the house she was staying at i realizied it was huge far too big for just 2 teenage girls to be staying in. i walked to the door and i was about to knock when i seen her through the door.

*Jasmins POV*

i walked down staires to get a glass off water when i seen him through the door, he looked so cute i opened the door and let him in he took me in his arms and whispered "i missed you" into my ear i couldnt help but smile and then he kissed me again i forgo how good it felt, i smiled and so did he, i took him up staires and sat him on my bed i kissed him and lay down he was on top off me and kissed me back he went to take my top off when i smiled and said "not tonight" he laughed and took his hands away and then he said "yeah i hve a better idea anyway" i smiled and asked him what it was, he wanted to know more about me and i wanted to know more about him so we decided to tell each other everything about our selves it was fun to learn things about him like that if he wasnt famous for a day he would probally do something illegal i couldnt help but laugh when he told me that. i got tired and i lay down he lay down with me when i remembered "your going to have to be gone before Shannon wakes up" he smiled and said "i will be dont worry" i feel asleep not sure when he was going to leave and to be honest not wanting him to at all.

*Louis POV*

she looked so beautiful when she was sleep she looked peaceful and calm i didnt want to leave her at all but i knew she didnt want her friend to know i stayed so i sent her a cute text to wake up to telling her how i miss her already and that she should call me tommorow and ill take her on a date i was happy with the text and i sent it, i left her house at 5 in te moarning being as quiet as i could when i got home all the boys were sleeping so i snuck into my bed and feel asleep again, it didnt seem right this time without jasmin

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