Diving In

Sarah loves to swim, so when she gets stuck on a island with no one but her and her best friends brother things get a little weird. Especially when they finally get off the island.


7. Setting Sail

We ended up moving everything into one location and we even half fixed one of the boats that broke during the storm we had last night. Right now Ben and Evan are trying to figure out how to fix the second. Mallory and I are sitting under a shading tree watching them.

"They are so trying to impress us" I say to her.

She laughs "I know right?! Every time they lift up something heavy they look at us"

"I noticed that too!"

"What flirts" she replies smiling

"Its so strange to see my brother flirting with you"

"Its strange to see my brother flirting with you too!"

"Touché" I reply laughing.

"Let's annoy them" she says giving a thought.

"How so?" I ask.

"Let's pretended were not interested while their working and not look at them"

"I don't think that will get them annoyed....it might just get them to work even "harder" and show off more"


"We'll" I say standing up, brushing sand off my leg.  "I don't know about you but I'm going to go take a walk"

"I'll come with you" she gets up and follows me down to the shore line. 

We have been walking for a while when we heard our brothers calling our name. We turn around and we see them strangely running towards us. 

"I think they are going to dump us in the water...run!" I shout.

Our brothers chase us around the beach. They eventually caught up to us.

"What's your problem?" My brother asks

"What do you mean?" I question

"Why'd you run away from us"

"Evan has dumped me into the lake way many times while we were here. And if you see two guys running toward you, you kind of have an instinct to run" I finish crossing my arms.

My brother rolls his eyes "Alright, come on we fixed the boats" 

We all run back to the boat with all of our belongings already in it and we hop into the boats. My brother and I are now in a boat and Mallory and Evan are now in the other. I smile to myself, we finally get to leave this place.

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