Diving In

Sarah loves to swim, so when she gets stuck on a island with no one but her and her best friends brother things get a little weird. Especially when they finally get off the island.


6. I Like You and You Like Me

Sarah's P.O.V

I sat next to Evan under the trees watching birds soar through the sky. "Do you want to go explore for a little bit?" Evan asks biting his lip.

"If you are lost you are supposed to stay put"

"Ugh fine" he says while pouting.

*rustling of the bushes*

"Wh-" I begin but even puts his finger to my lips.

I shove his hands away and he smirks and stands up and walks toward the sound. Soon we hear some giggling, "Mallory!" I shriek when I see her blonde hair through the trees. "Ben!" I say just as loud running over to him giving him a huge hug. "How did you find us?!"

"Woah slow down" my brother says. "Where is Evan?"

"Behind Mallory"

Malory turns around to she her brother is directly behind her. "Gosh don't sneak up on me like that" she says rolling her eyes and crossing her arms.

"Anyways" I say rolling my eyes. "How did you find us!"

"Me and Mallory were just exploring" Evan look is at me after Ben says that, like an 'I told you' kind of look. I roll my eyes again at him. 

"Its so good to see you guys" I say hugging my brother and my friend. "I'm so glad you guys are okay"




Sorry for another extremely short chapter.....I'm having writers block. I'll try to get another chapter up soon.

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