Diving In

Sarah loves to swim, so when she gets stuck on a island with no one but her and her best friends brother things get a little weird. Especially when they finally get off the island.


5. Flash Back

Remember this chapter is a flashback

Sarah's POV

"Okay, Let's do my friend against my sister" Ben suggests. We were going to have a race to the vacation house, we got the house to our selves for the summer, we are all around the ages of 16 and 18, so our parents trusted us. My self and Mallory are 16 and Mallory's brother is 17, and my brother is 18. With that said we started to pack up the food for the vacation house, in our little boats. then we take off, on our journey across Lake Michigan. Me and Evan put our phones  with Mallory and Ben knowing there will be no signal until to the house. Thank goodness we did because when tried to get into the boat, Evan made it rock, which made me fall into the ice cold water. I put an obvious fake smile on my face then pushed him into the lake.

"You're a feisty one" he jokes, sitting up from the cold water.

"You deserved it!" I say looking back at Mallory and Ben, Mallory was giggling at things Ben was saying. Normally I would be all ew... and gagging but they are so cute together.

"Shall we head toward the house" I yell "There is a storm coming soon and I don't want to be caught up in it."

"Ok!" Evan shrieks behind me hurting my ears, I see him getting into the boat, I push him into the water again. "Seriously stop doing that!"  I roll my eyes seeing Mallory and Ben are staring at us laughing hysterically at us. I help Evan up as we both hop into the boat taking off, Mallory and Ben follow closely behind. You are probably wondering why were not driving to the house. Well, we.....Don't have a car and well this is the only way of transportation to the house we could afford.

Well, that's how me and Evan got into this mess.


End Of Flash Back


Mallory's POV

After we reached the tree's it started to pour.

"We just made it" I smile yawing

"You tiered?" Ben asks laughing.

"Yes, very much so" I say rolling my eyes laying down in Ben's arms. He kisses my head as I drift into a deep slumber. I woke to find it stopped raining and Ben was in the lake trying to fix our boat, we hit a rock on our trip here. Luckily we saved the phones and some food. I pick up some nut's that were next to me and ate some as a snack. It was the middle of the day, so the sun was bright. I sit up walking towards Ben.

"How did you sleep?" he asks giving me a hug.

"Pretty good, how's the boat coming along?"

"Pretty good so far" he exclaims

"As much as I love being here....I can't wait to leave!"

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