Diving In

Sarah loves to swim, so when she gets stuck on a island with no one but her and her best friends brother things get a little weird. Especially when they finally get off the island.


2. A Night On The Island

I woke up to see the sun shining and I see Evan in the lake, and of course he is somehow wearing a different shirt. I sit up, and he walks over to me. "Well, good morning sleepy head" he says smiling sitting down next to me. I groan and put my head on his shoulder. "How did you sleep"

"Okay for sleeping on the sand" I say sitting up, I shiver.

"Are you cold?" he asks, he lays down and I do the same, he pulls me close and I put my head on his chest.

"Just a little" I say yawning. Let's move you out into the sun. Evan sits up and carries me bridal style out into the sun. I start to warm up instantly. He hands me his other shirt he wore yesterday and I put it on. He walks away to go get food that we had in our boat. He comes back with two bananas, I quickly eat mine and he also does the same. I go over to the boat in which we arrived in, and I found my toothbrush, so I quickly brush my teeth and I walk back over and sit next to Evan. To annoy him I mess up his dark brown hair with my hands. He smiles and his hazel eyes were bright and he pushes me down into the sand lightly and starts to tickle me.

"Okay! Stop" I say sitting up. I mess up his hair again and I sit up and run, he chases after me. When he catches up, he pulls his strong arms around my waist and throws me over his shoulders. He sets me down in the sand and pins me down. I lean in and kiss him, my hands are grasped at the collar of his shirt, he seems surprised at first but then kisses me back. I pull back and smile.

"What was that for?" he asks

"Oh no reason" I smile, laying back down on the warm, soft, yellow sand.

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