Step To Love (Niall Horan//Harry Styles)

Intro: This is Kate Tomlinson. You heard it, Louis Tomlinson's sister. They love each other and tell each other every single thing. Then goes the X-Factor and the tour. Two years later, the meet again. Then she goes tour with them and then goes, love, jealousy and fighting.


1. Chapter 1


Kate's P.O.V: 

I was waiting excitedly for the door to open, to reveal my brother. God, how I missed him. We used to hang out everyday at our secret place, and tell each other everything. Lottie, Fizzie, Daisy and Phoebe we're at my aunt's because mom wasn't home, and I wasn't responsible enough to take care of them. Mature much? I was settled on the couch, shooting a glance at the window who leaded to the parking. He never was here, and I was getting hopeless. I was meeting his band mates also, who I never knew their names. They we're going to enlighten me for sure. A key was inserted in the lock, when I saw Louis. 

"Louis!" I yelled before jumping in his arms. He spun me around, leaving a sloppy kiss on my cheek.

"Sister, I missed you so much." He said, before embracing me in a bear hug. I saw four figures behind him, of course band mates. 

"Kate, this is Harry," he pointed at the curly haired boy, who was quite attractive. "Zayn," Who was certainly hot with those piercing eyes. "Liam," Who looked the most mature and smart and had brown chocolate eyes and brown hair. "Niall," He was so cute, he had braces, blond hair and blue damn eyes.  

"Guys this is Kate." he pointed at me. I waved with a smile, when they muttered their hello's. We all plopped on the couch, where Louis wrapped his arms around my waist and I rested my head on his chest. 

"Where are your luggage?" I asked. Louis scratched the back of his neck and looked at me with a grin.

"You are going with us on tour, tomorrow and about mom, don't worry we talked to her." He explained. I pumped my fist in the air, and excused my self for packing. 

Louis' P.O.V: 


Since Kate was gone packing, I took the opportunity to talk about this with the boys.

"Hey mates. No flirting with Kate nor going out with her. Understood?" I firmly stated. They all nodded quite scared. My sister is really important to me, I love her to death. If someone broke her heart, I'll cut their balls at night.

"What helps you sleep at night," I heard someone mutter, but I just shrugged it of and turn the TV on. 


Kate's P.O.V:


I sped up to my room, and grabbed my purple suitcases. I throw all my clothes in it and it took quite while, since I have lots of clothes. When I was done, I skipped down the stairs and saw the boys gathered around the kitchen table, eating sandwiches. I took a seat next to Liam and started a conversation with him. He had two sisters, Ruth and Nicola and he loved them very much. He's beyond a sweet person. After I got to know all the boys, I ddecided it was the time to sleep we are getting up early tomorrow! I picked pj's and brushed my teeth, I slid into my bed thinking about tomorrow.



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