Desmarie My Future Mrs.Horan❤✌

Desmarie Rose
17 Years Old
Twin Brother❤
&&' An Exciting Adventurous Love❤✌
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2. My Beauty Or A Paparazzi?

Niall's POV
I told Harry it wasn't a good idea to come to Starbucks without Paul. But he never listens to me the shop is filled with a group of teenage girls screaming. I wasn't in the mood for coffee so I got a nice cold cup of water. My phone vibrated & I looked down but kept walking bad idea though. I bumped into someone & splashed my water all over them. I looked up to see the most beautiful girl in shock with her shirt soaking wet. I couldn't help but blush she was such a beauty & so short<3' I finally got the words out of me & said " oh god I'm so sorry !" The girl smiled at me & said "no biggie." I looked at her & said " let me give you a ride I feel so terrible." She smiled and said " it's ok, it's a warm day I really don't mind I'm going to be out in the warm the whole day taking pictures." Wtf is she a paparazzi please tell me she's not cause I hate all those magazine stories.
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