Desmarie My Future Mrs.Horan❤✌

Desmarie Rose
17 Years Old
Twin Brother❤
&&' An Exciting Adventurous Love❤✌
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1. Accidents Happen Right?

Desmarie's POV
It's a nice warm day. I think I'm going for a walk, it's not everyday that London is nice & sunny. Well let me introduce myself my name is Desmarie Rose & I am 17 years old. I have long curly golden blonde hair & big blue eyes. I am 5'3 yes I know I'm short. I have a big bootie & boobies people call me the human barbie. People find it so weird that I have this weird obsession over one direction<3 Their my everything omg I can't even talk about them in my house because then my parents get mad cause they say I'm always talking about them. & I'm a twin i have a twin brother named Nathan so it's fair enough that my parents put up with me I count like for 3 girls, cause I'm so energetic & bubbly. Well enough about me I want to go to the park! I went into the shower & took a long nice cold shower, because its so warm today. I got out and put on a flower print black tube top with my tight high waisted shorts I grabbed this cute leather belt & some matching leather combat boots. I really like my hair being curly so I just brushed it out I put my make up on & there you go I'm ready. I grabbed my new Nikon camera so I can take pictures cause I like photography. Did I mention this my parents are sort of rich & sadly their always on business trips ;c I grabbed my bag & walked out.
I decides to walk since it was so close & I could take the opportunity to take pictures<3' you know what I'm going to get a Starbucks coffee before I go to the park cause I need my energy. I walked in and the place was crowded & loud. I wonder why I pushed my way through the crowd and there he was none other than Harry Styles. He's from one direction but its going to be to hard to get a picture with all these girls here. I ordered my coffee & turned around &'crashed into somebody. I looked down & my shirt was soaked in cold water. The person said " oh god I'm so sorry !" His voice sounded so familiar that accent. I looked up & saw Niall Horan.
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