Mind the Gap Please (A Niall Horan Fan-Fic)

Rylee Wilson is a 16 year old girl who lives with her dad in Las Vegas. When Rylee gets a call to go to England and be the makeup artist of the biggest boy band in the century and starts falling for the Irish blondie Niall Horan will the age gap between them be a problem? and what happens when lou there original makeup artist gets a little jealous of Rylee's skills? how will Rylee cope with being in the mix of One Direction's drama?....................... You will just have to read :)


4. Zayn Vs. Niall

Zayn's P.O.V

Well, its not that i liked her or anything but she was just kinda hot and i couldn't stop looking at her.

I knew Niall actually had feelings for but he hadn't even really known her for 24 hours! more like four!

Besides Niall is a man and he gets over things quickly unlike Harry or Louis that get upset and emotional over everything.

Me, Liam, and Niall have always been the tough ones and i think is was mostly because of me.

Maybe I could get Rylee before she even starts to have any feelings for Niall or Niall calls dibs.

I would just have to play this game carefully and I knew it may cause some heartbreak but it hey its just another from the long list of girls right?


Niall's P.O.V

The concert was absolutely amazing yet the amount of stuff that was thrown at us on stage was crazy!

We finished the last song which was WMYB and ran off the stage waving and smiling to our wonderful fans, however i had one thing on my mind and that thing happened to be backstage with one of the most beautiful smiles I've seen (you guessed it Rylee).

We were all going out to dinner that night including Lou, Rylee , Paul and apparently (unfortunately) Harry had invited his new fling Taylor swift.

errrrg, I hated Taylor,

sorry hate is a strong word...

I strongly disliked Taylor and thought that Harry could do way better then to stoop to her level.

I did not want Harry to be on the long list of guys that Taylor dated for a month and then left heartbroken, to me it was just not fair to see a person like that.

I was hoping that after dinner I would be able to have some alone time with Rylee and maybe show her around London if it was okay with paul.

Lately, management would not let me go anywhere because apparently I was a trouble maker but I have my excuses for everything I do.

when I went backstage I went to our dressing room to look for Lou and Rylee but they were not there, Paul told me that they went to get ready for dinner.


 Rylee's P.O.V

After the concert I had looked for Lou to take me back to the hotel but of course she had rudely left with out me.

fortunately Paul's wife, who had been at the concert was able to give me a ride back.

When I got to the Hotel Lou was in the bathroom, which we shared, doing her makeup.

I walked up behind her and got her attention by coughing.

"Paul said you were supposed to bring me back!" I raised my voice at her.

"So why did you leave me at the arena?!"

She turned her head slightly to smirk at me but then she looked back at the mirror and continued doing her makeup.

"Oh my gosh!" she said sarcastically

"I'm so sorry! I must have forgotten"

I was hating her more, by the second.

"Whatever," I spit at her.

I turned around and walked back to my room,

I looked at the clock on my iPhone and realized I only had an hour left to get ready.

I grabbed my hairbrush and started combing through my now tangled mess and than I straightened it.

I put on light makeup and brushed my teeth.

I decided that I wouldn't change my clothes and I headed out the door.

This time I would get a taxi to pick me up.


Niall's P.O.V

We arrived at a restaurant called Goodman's and sat waiting for everybody else.

There were two seats left, one next too me and one next to Zayn.

When Rylee and Lou arrived of course Lou sat next to me. I saw Zayn whisper something to Rylee and then he got up and whispered something into Paul's ear. Paul nodded his head and then Zayn went and sat down.

After Dinner and long stupid talks of Taylors new Album, Red, we finally got up too leave.

I went to ask Rylee if she wanted to tour London with me but I saw her leaving with Zayn and getting into his car.

He's a little prick! just wait till I get My hands on him! he better not try to do anything with her or I'll kill him!

Zayn's P.O.V

Haha! Niall never even saw what was coming! of course even though I told Rylee we will be touring London that's not what were doing. She's fallin' into my trap! just like all the other girls...






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