Mind the Gap Please (A Niall Horan Fan-Fic)

Rylee Wilson is a 16 year old girl who lives with her dad in Las Vegas. When Rylee gets a call to go to England and be the makeup artist of the biggest boy band in the century and starts falling for the Irish blondie Niall Horan will the age gap between them be a problem? and what happens when lou there original makeup artist gets a little jealous of Rylee's skills? how will Rylee cope with being in the mix of One Direction's drama?....................... You will just have to read :)


2. Getting Discovered

Niall's P.O.V

Most nights like this I would be out at the club with the boys but tonight I wasn't up to going anywhere so I sat at my computer searching you tube for something exciting or funny to watch.

I was watching a Justin Beiber music video and then I just kept searching for who-knows-what, when I came across a One Direction inspired makeup and outfit tutorial it looked really cool so I watched it, but it was really boring and the makeup was trashy.

I got real in to the makeup videos and kept watching a bunch of them.

I was definitely not telling the boys that while they were out partying I was watching girly makeup tutorials.

I came across this one makeup tutorial with this really pretty girl and her friend and they were having so much fun doing it, they kept changing into really cute outfits that I found quite attractive and what got me was they were smiling the whole time it was so cute.

At the end of the video the makeup looked great on the girl who i assumed was a close friend of the girl doing the makeup, it wasn't caked on and she looked wonderful.

I wondered if she could maybe do our makeup for the shows and got this crazy idea to contact her, I knew that Lou (our makeup artist) is good at what she does but i really had the urge to meet this girl.

I called Paul who was most likely at the club with the boys he seemed to be busy doing something but I talked to him anyway.

He agreed to let me contact her.

In the description at the bottom of the video was her Kik and phone number so I decided to call her.

I didn't want her to know it was me cause i didn't know if she was some crazy fangirl or something so i decided to do my best british accent and pretend to be Paul.

The phone rang three times before a girl with an American accent picked up.

"Hello, Rylee Wilson how may I help you?" she said at the other end

"Hey, this is Paul I am the manager of a british boyband called One Direction, perhaps you've heard of them?"

"Yes?" she answered she didn't sound amused 

"Well I was calling about your makeup tutorials that are all over youtube, and wondered if you would like to work for us doing the makeup and outfit coordinating before every show? ticket and flight information would be sent to you by email for london and of course you would stay at our hotel.

"Ummm....ok I guess i could....sure why not!" she said a little unsure of herself

"Yayy!!...er...I mean...Thanks see you soon".

I started to hop up and down in the hotel room and when the boys got home i told them the whole story! even about the makeup tutorials i  watched and they all seemed pretty excited too.......

Little did I know this was about to be a drama filled experience.    

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