Mind the Gap Please (A Niall Horan Fan-Fic)

Rylee Wilson is a 16 year old girl who lives with her dad in Las Vegas. When Rylee gets a call to go to England and be the makeup artist of the biggest boy band in the century and starts falling for the Irish blondie Niall Horan will the age gap between them be a problem? and what happens when lou there original makeup artist gets a little jealous of Rylee's skills? how will Rylee cope with being in the mix of One Direction's drama?....................... You will just have to read :)


3. day 1: as a makeup artist

Rylee's P.O.V

What just happened? did I really just get called by One Directions manager? It felt like a prank because the accent was so weird but try my luck right?

When I told Dawn she flipped out andd went crazy.

I opened up the email and read the words and information carefully so i would be ready to meet my fate if this was a prank but im pretty sure i was ok.

My mom was sad i was leaving for the summer but supported me anyways and was going to bring me to the airport Tomorrow.

I packed all of my clothes into my smallest suit case( dont ask how i managed it) and brought it downstairs to put in the car.

I was a little bit blank to the feeling of meeting One Direction but i was happy that my makeup was getting discovered.

That night dawn had to go home cause i was leaving the next day and I felt bad that she would not see me again  for the summer but this was my dream and a chance to be noticed by millions of girls.



The Airplane ride there was pretty boring cause I had nothing to do so i read a magezine.

after eight hours of doing nothing but sleeping and eating crap food i finally arrived at the LHR airport.

It was honestly the biggest airport i have ever seen before and I kind of got lost a couple of times.

after i went through customs and baggage claim I waited at pick up because i had no idea who was picking me up.

A man with a black leather jacket and white hair came over to me and looked at a sheet of paper.

"Rylee Wilson?" he asked

"Yes thats me" I replied

"Hi, my name is John, I will be your ride to the hotel you are staying at"  he said grabbing my hand and shaking it.

"Thanks" I said nervously


The car ride there was a little awkward considering I did not know John and he kept trying to engage in conversation and it wasn't working very well.

When we finally got to the hotel I was a little relieved and got out quickly, I tries to pay for my ride but he said that it had been taking care of. I thanked him and he drove off.

A bell hopper greeted me at the door, and took my bags for me.

"I will bring these to your room ma'am, which room is it love?" He asked

"Umm....oh, i have it on a peice of paper"  I said grabbing my backpack and rummaging through it.

I pulled out a white piece of paper that i had printed out at home with all the information on it and looked at the room number...

"My room number is 409" I said smiling

"OK, thanks"  he said  "I will bring them up soon"

He directed me in the direction of the elevator and I was glad because the hotel was bigger then any hotel i've ever been in before.

The elevator was one made of glass and you could see everything around you, I pressed the button for floor 4.

When I got to the right floor I headed down the long hall to the right room, I knocked on the door and a lady opened it who looked like she was in her late 20's, she had stylish white-blond hair and she was really pretty all together.

"Hey, I've been so excited to meet you!" she greeted

"Niall, told me all about your work online and i looked at it! I was so excited to be working with someone else"  She said

"Niall?" I questioned

"yea, the one that called you love? remember? oh well we have no time for this we have to be backstage at a show in ten minutes" she said

"But I have to take a shower! I look like crap!" I said

:"No time for that" she responded "this is your room by the way" she said pointing to one of the rooms while running around grabbing stuff.

I went into the bathroom real quick and looked at myself in the mirror I really did look like crap.

My blonde hair was all over the place and my blue eyes looked like I had been sleeping for days.

I tamed my hair and splashed some water on my face.

Lou grabbed my hand and led me out the door.

we went downstairs and outside to her black range rover.

We drove untill we arrived at a large arena with girls screaming and crying everywhere outside.

"woah! this place is huge!" I said

"Welcome to the 02 arena" she said smiling

There was security everywhere but we were allowed a special entrance in the back, some girls even tried to follow our car.

I helped Lou get all her makeup and stuff out of the car and we walked through a door that was literately labeled Backstage.

We went inside and down to a room that was labeled dressing room.

Inside the room there were five boys kind of just sitting there on there phones but as soon as we walked in they all looked up and it was a little awkward because they just stared.

The blond one looked the most excited to see us,

"Hey, I'm Niall"  he said getting up and shaking my hand

"I'm Rylee" I said smiling trying not to make it awkward

The other boys came over and introduced themselves to me

Zayn, I thought was extremely attractive, but the way he looked at me made me feel a little awkward.

"alright, boys" Lou interrupted

"dont get carried away, your on in 20 minutes" she said

"alright, Rylee since its your first time I will do Harry, Louis and Zayn, and you can do Liam and Niall alright make the makeup light cause they are guys and im sure your not used to working with guys right?" she said smirking at me.

I got a little mad when she smirked at me like i knew nothing about makeup but i agreed to do what she said cause it was my first time.

"The them for the first song is red and black so let the boys pick there outfits just make sure they are not to crazy" she directed me

Me, Niall and Liam went to a different dressing room so that I could work with them.

I started on Niall's makeup and he started conversation.

"So how old are you anyways love?" Niall asked

"Sixteen" I said

Liam smirked from where he was sitting but Niall didn't seem to care

"How long have you been doing peoples makeup?" Liam asked, he seemed to want to have more serious conversations then Niall did.

"Actually this is my first time doing someone important's makeup" I replied finishing up Nialls makeup and moving to Liam.

When I finished up the boys picked out some really neat outfits and i approved.

They stood next to each other and admired my work.

I think I stared at them for a little too long because they started to look nervous, but i had to admit they looked really good, I smiled to myself and then turned to put the makeup away.

we went out to meet up with Lou and the other boys and Paul.

When I saw the other boys I liked what Lou had done but it looked a little trashy.

When Lou saw my work I could see her bubbling inside with jealousy she hated me and i hadn't even known her for three hours yet.

The boys obviously didn't care and went off to wait because they were about to go on stage.

The drama was starting and I just started my new job, this was going to be a "great"  summer....




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