Mind the Gap Please (A Niall Horan Fan-Fic)

Rylee Wilson is a 16 year old girl who lives with her dad in Las Vegas. When Rylee gets a call to go to England and be the makeup artist of the biggest boy band in the century and starts falling for the Irish blondie Niall Horan will the age gap between them be a problem? and what happens when lou there original makeup artist gets a little jealous of Rylee's skills? how will Rylee cope with being in the mix of One Direction's drama?....................... You will just have to read :)


1. My Passion


"Alright your done turn around and look at yourself".

I had just finished doing my friend Dawn's Makeup and I had to admit that she looked really good... she turned around to face the mirror hanging on my bedroom wall.

"OMG, RI-Ri! I LOVE IT!" Dawn squealed admiring her newly done makeup.

I laughed at her dramatized face and body expressions as she pretended to be a super model in front on the mirror,

"You are such a drama queen dawn!" I said still laughing at her

She gave me a smirk that said, "says you".


It was the beginning of summer break and me and my best friend Dawn had nothing good to do with our time so we locked ourselves upstairs in my small pink room doing our makeup, reading magazines,sitting on my laptop or honestly sometimes doing absolutely nothing but sitting and fan-girling about Justin Beiber.

We tried going to the pool a couple of times but it got so boring and hot that we usually just left and came back to do some more sitting.

Today we had been sitting in my room doing each others makeup for over three hours, I love doing makeup and outfit coordinating and people say i'm good at it so it has always been a passion of mine.

"So what do you want to do?" Dawn asked me

"I dont know, we could watch TV if you want"  I answered

we walked downstairs and I turned the TV on and the first thing that came on was some pepsi commercial with One Direction and Drew Brees.

I sighed and smacked my head pretending that I had a headache and quickly changed the channel.

"Hey, Don't you want to see the commercial?" Dawn asked grabbing the remote and flipping it back

"One Direction is the last thing that I want to see on TV Dawn considering everyone is always talking about them I think I hear enough about them".

I looked at the TV pretending not care but I couldn't help thinking about how cute the blond haired one looked and how funny his facial expressions looked during the commercial.

We watched TV for awhile but then i just got really bored again. Then I had a great Idea...

"Hey Dawn, we should make a you tube channel of makeup tutorials! then we can see who likes my makeup and then see witch ones I should do more often! and we could put outfits out and everything!"  I squealed, I was so excited that i was literally jumping up and down with excitement.

"Hey, Calm down" she said

"Of course I will do it with you Rylee" she smiled

We turned off the TV and ran upstairs I grabbed my camara and put batteries in it.

I got out all of my real expensive makeup kits and started to set it all out while Dawn created a youtube channel for us.

Once everything was ready I set my camara up on my nightstand pointing towards us and Dawn sat on a stool.

I started to apply her makeup and got so into making the video that I almost forgot where I was.

after the first video we changed outfits and made a few more, and before we knew it,it was time for dinner!

"Dawn, I know what we will be doing this summer" I smiled

Not actually knowing what was going to be happening this summer.


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