Is it time to?

Skye has been hiding her true identity all of her life. Then she meets Jack and her whole life is turned upside down. She is forced to wonder if it's time to...


1. Me.

I never know how to begin my story. Should I go right back, right to the start? That would take a long time. You see my life is complicated. One day I am camping out in the woods but the next I am flying off to Marocco. I have two different identities. Skye and Syco. At the moment I am Skye but tonight I will become Syco. I guess if you're going to be reading this and catching up on my life you'll need to know my darkest secret. None of Skyes friends know or would even think this. At school I am so normal and chatty. I am friendly and approachable. I don't like to brag but I am really pretty. I have long blonde hair with streaks of blue which I either wear down with butterfly clips or up in a sleek ponytail. In summer I tend to wear short flowing dresses which tickle my knees and strappy sandles. In the colder months I wear pale blue jeans and white flowy camersoles with a black leather jacket. But when I am Syco I don't wear clothes. This is because when I am Syco my other side comes out. Syco is. Syco isn't... umm.... Syco my other half isn't human. She is werewolf.

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