Don't leave

Zoe is unhappy in her expensive home with her designer clothes and posh parties. Her life is the same every day. She has never felt like she really belonged. She longs for adventure, to run away from her suffocating parents who want to be someone that she is not.

Jem is unhappy in his council house with his mum and sisters. He wants nothing more than to escape, this depressing life.

Zoe and Jem feel like there is no way out.
They meet on the streets, and can feel a connection. Zoe thinks jem can save her, but she couldn't be more wrong....


4. Zoe

I couldn't stop thinking about the cute boy as I went to meet Lucy in Starbucks. I couldn't believe I hadn't seen him before, me and Lucy alway hung around outside the sixth form college, hoping to catch a glimpse of some hot guys. I didn't want to, I really didn't see the point, and it was freezing in the winter but you don't say no to Lucy. Some tried to chat me up, but I remained stony faced, and they soon lost interest and started chatting up Luce instead, obviously more liking a girl who laughed at their lame jokes and answered with more than monosyllables. Lucy was furious that they didn't go to her first, and said I was being selfish. That was a bit mean, I didn't even want to go out with any one of them. I thought about the guy who had talked to me, thinking about his mop of brown Unbrushed hair, his perfect cheek bones that I desperately wanted to stroke, his warm brown eyes, his gorgeous smile. He talked to me like he was really interested in me, not like I was just some hot girl he wanted to snog. I really hoped I'd see him again, I had to see him again. In starbucks, I order a hot chocolate and sit by the window. After a while, lucy comes in. "Zo?" she calls. "Over here."

"Zo! You won't believe the day I've had!" she gushes. "You know Sam Road? The cute sixth former who chatted me up yesterday? Well, he's just texted me, asking me if I want to go for a coffee like, today, and I said yes!"


"Um, like now? Sorry, Zo, you'll have to tell lauren and Soph and explain, you understand don't you?"

"Um yeah, but we were going shopping together, we had it all planned," I said. This was unfair. We'd planned to go shopping and now one text from some hot sixth former and she drops us to go on a date with him? I don't dare say it though. Lucy was scowling, and texting. "I thought you'd understand. Seriously, Zo, can't you see that I've been wanting a date with sam for ages? Grow up!" She snaps. I stare at her, shocked. Could she not see how ridiculous she was being? "You know what, it's not up to you to decide where I go, and who I see!"

"Luce, I'm not trying to stop you from doing anything! it's just when you've already made plans, you don't just cancel! Why didn't you just tell Sam you had plans?"

"He won't be interested if I say I've got plans!"

"You think being miss available is gonna make him fancy you, is it?" I shout. I don't know why I said it. maybe cos I was fed up of letting her treat me like dirt, even though I was supposed to be her friend. "Shut up! You don't know anything!" She screams. "Lucy-" "Bye!" Then she grabs her bag and storms out.

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