Don't leave

Zoe is unhappy in her expensive home with her designer clothes and posh parties. Her life is the same every day. She has never felt like she really belonged. She longs for adventure, to run away from her suffocating parents who want to be someone that she is not.

Jem is unhappy in his council house with his mum and sisters. He wants nothing more than to escape, this depressing life.

Zoe and Jem feel like there is no way out.
They meet on the streets, and can feel a connection. Zoe thinks jem can save her, but she couldn't be more wrong....


2. Zoe

I wake up to a tray of buttered toast, a plate of bacon and tomatoes, and a glass of orange juice. maisy always has my breakfast on my bedside table when I wake up. Masiy is my maid. To be honest, I hate having a maid. I don't do anything for myself. I get up and go into my en suite bathroom, and brush my teeth. I stare at myself in the mirror. A mass of wavy dark hair, that sweeps down my back. big dark brown eyes. I always felt out of place in my family. My family were all blondes. mum's blonde hair was in loose waves down her back, like mine, but curlier. My sister Ivy's hair was cut in a bob, always messy and ruffled, and sticking out in all directions, but it always looked great. Mum went mad when she found out. Ivy said she always loved my hair colour and secretly dyed it dark brown once, it didn't last long. Mum made her wash it out.

I knew I looked pretty, every guy at school wanted to go out with me, but wheras someone like my sister would have lapped up the attention, I hated it, I just wanted to be left alone. I hated school. It was a posh school, with a hideous uniform. I didn't have any friends. Alright, I was in with the popular girls, and always went round with them, but there wasn't one I could call my true friend. not one who'd help me when I needed it. I knew people liked me because of my looks, my confidence, my expensive clothes. Not one person like me for who I was, What I was like. No one ever bothered to find out. I had a shower, got dressed and went to my room to have my breakfast.  

I check my messeges. Two from Lucy. One from Harry. A few from some other girls in my class. Lucy texts me to ask if I want to go shopping with her and a few others today. I text back, yes. You can't refuse an offer from Lucy, not if you want to stay in the popular group. I put on my little mini skirt and a vest top. Then I slip on my high heels and do my make up. "I'm going out maisy!" I call. "Going shopping?" she asks. "Yeah, don't worry about lunch, I'll grab something to eat in town." "Have a nice time!" "Thanks! Bye!!" I go out the door, and go to the bus stop accross the road. I'm waiting, impatiently, when I catch sight of a boy loping towards me, his head down, and hands shoved deep into his pockets. The first thing I think is, what's he doing here? He looks like he comes from the council houses, the way he dresses. Our street is very posh, with massive houses and neat front gardens. Just then, he looks up at me and I blush. Great! He's caught me gawping at him.


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