Don't leave

Zoe is unhappy in her expensive home with her designer clothes and posh parties. Her life is the same every day. She has never felt like she really belonged. She longs for adventure, to run away from her suffocating parents who want to be someone that she is not.

Jem is unhappy in his council house with his mum and sisters. He wants nothing more than to escape, this depressing life.

Zoe and Jem feel like there is no way out.
They meet on the streets, and can feel a connection. Zoe thinks jem can save her, but she couldn't be more wrong....


3. Jem

There's a girl, standing by the bus stop in the street opposite. I don't notice her at first because I always walk with my head down, but I could feel a prickling feeling on the back of my neck, you know, when you just know that someone's looking at you. I glanced up, and saw her staring at me. She blushed, and looked down, and I didn't get that, like, why would someone like her, be embarrased? I could see instantly that she had a lot of money. I mean, I don't know labels, but that bag looked pretty expensive, and was that real leather she was wearing? And she looked gorgeous too, not like other rich posh girls with their hair in curls and their expensive french manicured nails. There was this air about her, like she was in her own world, not connected to what was around her. My heart was thumping. Why would she be looking at me? Girls like her don't look twice at a guy like me. She was staring at her feet now, and I could see her face was bright red. I decided to risk it. I cross the road and go to the bus stop, pretending to wait for a bus. I fumble aound in my pocket, though i knew I had no money, and if a bus came, I'd look really stupid. I needed to say something. Say something. Say anything.

"Hi do you go to st beatrices?" Stupid, stupid Jem, why did you say that? St beatrices was a private school not far from here, I was guessing she went there, but what would I say if she said yes? say I go there too?

"Erm..yeah. Do you? I haven't seen you around." She glances at me, then looks away quickly. wow. rich girls usually had loads of confidence.

"Yeah, I'm in sixth form, I saw you at the school charity thing. I'm a really good friend of your friend." Good. very vague. Her school might well have a 'charity thing'.

"Oh, lucy?"

"Yeah, that's the one. Known her since I was two."


We stand in awkward silence.

"Actually I'm going to meet her now. Do u wanna come? I'm sure she's like to see you."

"Erm I was gonna meet someone actually, my friend Jake. I was just passing through, actually." great. now ill have to go now. Well. that went well.



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