Don't leave

Zoe is unhappy in her expensive home with her designer clothes and posh parties. Her life is the same every day. She has never felt like she really belonged. She longs for adventure, to run away from her suffocating parents who want to be someone that she is not.

Jem is unhappy in his council house with his mum and sisters. He wants nothing more than to escape, this depressing life.

Zoe and Jem feel like there is no way out.
They meet on the streets, and can feel a connection. Zoe thinks jem can save her, but she couldn't be more wrong....


1. Jem

"Two sixty please"

I count out the coins, trying to ignore the complaining woman behind me. "Two sixty please" The man repeats. "Alright, alright," I say,  pushing the coins towards the man. He frowns and starts counting out the coins. "It's two sixty!" I shout. "Listen, boy, next time you decide to give me a load of two ps and twenty ps, you wait here!" the man grumbles.

 I stand and tap my foot, I couldn't leave flora in charge of penny and harry for long. She'd start wondering where I was. I didn't want to leave her, but I had to go out and get some cereal. The man nods and I sprint out of the shop, cursing under my breath. I run back home.

"Flora? I'm back" I call, going into the kitchen. Flora apears, looking worried. "You said you'd be back by 11 o clock" she mumbled. She sounded like she was trying not to cry. "I thought you'd....." She trails away, and three fat tears roll down her cheeks. "Flora, I'm never ever gonna just run away and leave you, and the others. Until you're sick of me"  I hug her. I know we're both thinking of mum.  she had left us loads of times, staying out late and coming back in the morning, smelling of drink.Sometimes she had someone with her. Mum had loads of boyfriends, some stayed for a bit, and I hated that.  Everytime mum said it was a 'fresh start'. I stopped beleiving that after the tenth one. They left after about a month, and I don't blame them. There was this one guy, I remembered that used to hit Flora and Penny, even though flora was only six and penny was just two. He didn't hit me because I was too fast, and dodged out of the way, before he could hit me, but he looked like he wanted to. I couldn't stand it when he hit flora and penny, but what could I do? I was skinny for my age, and mum never defended us. We were all gald when he left us. I felt the anger surging up, I was angry just thinking about it.  Just then harry ran into the room, screaming her head off.

"Jem! There's a spider in my room! Get it away!" She shouted. I sighed. There was always spiders, everywhere. I followed her into her, penny and floras room and saw the spider on the ceiling. "It was gonna fall on me!" harry continuted her screaming. It was quite big. about the size of her whole hand.


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