Completely Twisted

Alison Small's best friend is Gemma Styles, was Alison friends with Harry? They were anything BUT friends. After Harry leaves for the X Factor, Alison feels something. Love Hurts.


2. The Hospital Visit

I got to the hospital and causually walked inside, hoping this was all a dream. The I talked to the lady at the front desk. "Exscuse me ma'am, what room is Harry Styles staying in?"

"I'm sorry, I can't let you past, his managment has told me not to let anyone see him." She replied.

"I'm sorry, but I'm his best friend...." A small white lie, but I just wanted to see him and Gemma.

"I need to see some identity or proof that you know him." She said with an attitude. I hate people woth an attitude. Shoot! I don't have any pictures with Harry, I forgot my license in my car.......

"ALISONNNN!" Gemma exclaimed as she burst through the doors. "Hey!' I said back to her.

"Do you know her Gemma?" The lady asked.

"Yes ma'am, shes with me." Gemma respnded quitely, Gemma was shy around adults, I don't know why though, she is super quiet around them. Weird right?

"Ok, I'm terribly sorry Miss..." The lady at the desk said, she sounded embarrassed. Good. She should be. What am I saying? I'm pretty stressed out....


"Ok Ally, he just got out of surgery. It appears hes fractured his leg and he has a minor concussion!" "Oh no! Thats awful!" I said. " The doctors said he's doing better, but he's going to have to stay here a few weeks, so he won't be staying with us." Gemma said disappointed. "Darn! That stinks! I was so happy! I mean, I was sad he got hurt, thats not cool, but I wasn't looking forward to him staying with us.. I guess I won't have to now will I? Nope. I remembered the time that Harry gave me a concussion.. We were about 6 years old and we were riding our bikes down the street, our mothers were just a few yards behind us. When they weren't looking Harry threw a semi large pebble under my bicycle wheel and I flipped off my bike and hit my head on the side of the road. I saw him do it too! When I would ask him if he did he said no, of course he would say that. He didn't know I saw him throw the pebble. I watched him throw it. He was such a liar.

"Well... Here we go!" I told myself as I walked into Harry's room. Brace yourself.


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