Completely Twisted

Alison Small's best friend is Gemma Styles, was Alison friends with Harry? They were anything BUT friends. After Harry leaves for the X Factor, Alison feels something. Love Hurts.


1. The Call That Might Change Everything

"Isn't She Lovelyyyy? Isn't She Wonderfullllll...." My cell phone rang as I was walking out the door. "Ugh!" I exclaimed. "Forgot my phone again!" "Hello?" I answered. "Ally! Come quick! Harrys been in a car accident!" My best friend Gemma Styles screamed. Oh my God! Is he ok?" I said back. "We don't know! The doctors took him away!" "Ok, I'll be right there.." I replied. Whoop-De-Doo. Harrys been hurt. Grrrreeeeaaaattttttt. Not. Gemma has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. Our mothers, Anne and Susan, were best friends and they introduced me to Harry&Gemma. I was the same age as Harry so Gemma was about 6 years older than me, but Gemma and I automatically got along great. Shes always wanted a little sister, and I've always wanted a big sister, so we were instantley best friends. Harry and I.... Not so much.We've both always been "attention seekers" so we both got into each others way. On my 5th birthday party, while everyone was singing Happy Birthday to me, Harry sat in the corner and was pouting. As soon as everyone finished singing and were about to ut the cake, Harry started balling and screaming because his foot hurt or some lame exscuse like that. Because of this, Harry got the first piece of cake not me, the Birthday Girl. It was MY cake, MY party, MY birthday. Ok.. so maybe I do hold grudges. Haha, I did the same thing on Harrys 8th birthday. He so deserved it. All through Primary school the girls just loovveedd Harry so basically Gemma was my only friend.. But all the boys liked me so I guess it was pretty even. Harry and I always would get each other into trouble. For instance, one time when we would use our saftey scissors, Harry cut one o his brown curls and then cut one of my gold locks and tell the teacher that I did it.. Somehow the teacher belivied Harry so I was the one that got into trouble for it. So for my revenge I glued Harrys hands together then glued my feet to the ground. Not my best, but Harry got into trouble and thats all that mattered at the time. When Harry and I were 13 things began to change.. I started to develope a small crush on Harry..

At Harrys 16 birthday party, he announced to all of us that he would be trying out for the X Factor, everyone was so happy for him.. I wasn't. I knew he would get through and I was imediatley jealous. Harry and I only had 1 thing in common, and that was singing. After his party was over I decided to tell Harry how I felt about him, so i went outside to where he was.. He was making out with Melissa Jones. I hate Melissa Jones and Harry knows that. What made me even more mad was when Harry straight up rolled his eyes at me. Rolled his eyes. At me. I froze. I didn't know what to do. After he rolled his eyes at me I ran. I ran home as fast as I could. I ever wanted to talk to Harry Styles again. Gemma knew that I liked Harry, I told her everything. She told me I should go to Harrys audition, but I couldn't. Not after that. I turned on the TV to watch his audition because I had nothing else to do, I couldn't belive my eyes. Harry was singing my absolute favorite song in the whole word! Isn't She Lovely? By Stevie Wonder, my hero. Of course with Harrys voice and good looks he made it through. I saw that coming. He got put into a band called One Direction, soon Harry had to leave for his bootcamp and we slowly were drifting apart. Gemma and I bought ourselves a flat in London, we know, cliche. But it was fun. Gemma had a serious realtionship with her boyfriend, Dylan, they would always set me up on blind dates, they were never fun and the guy was always a complete weirdo. I always knew in my heart that Harry was the one for me, I never have told anyone though. Not even Gemma. It was my biggest secret. I always tried to forget about Harry, but it was hard, his face would be everywhere you looked! In magazines,posters,billboards, TV... You name it! Only a few weeks ago, Gemma told me that Harry would be staying with us because his band was on a break from work, they had only a few days off and Gemma told Harry he could stay with us. I told Gemma that I didn't mind, but deep down.. I really did mind. I didnt want to see Harrys face again. In person, at least. I haven't seen him since the incident at his 16th party. But when I got that call from Gemma telling me to go to the hospital because Harry was hurt, I didn't want to go. But something inside me told me to go. So I got into my car and drove to the hospital to set things straight with Harry.

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