This story is about Angelina.
She has magical power. And the only persons who know that Angelina has magical power, are her two best friends Daniel and Stephanie. And her little sister Julia.
Angelina has many problems at school. And then her best friends Daniel and Stephanie can help her.


1. The difficult time

"Stay away from me"!! Sreamed Angelina right into Jemery's face.
Again Angelina and Jeremy had there's discussion in the break. The clock rang in.
Everyone walk'd inside. But Angelina just keep sidden. Daniel and Stephenie turned around, and looked at her. Every break, Angelina and Jeremy had there discussion, but this time it really hurts on Angelina. Jeremy had torn up in, it that her mother had just arrived in prison for murder. it reminded her of when her mother just had been driven away. It had been really hard for her and her sister to look at. And enduring harder because they had already lost their father. And they could not say anything about it. For if the police discovered that her mother had children. She and her sister probably come in orphanages. As they had concealed themselves behind cranberry bush. and had just sat and cried. Since that day. had Angelina's little sister Julia, not bothered in school. and had just been at home ever since. Stephenie asked Angelina about, that they maybe just should go inside, and just forget what Jeremy had Said. Angelina dried last tear away. And nodded. And then went inside with them.
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