This story is about Angelina.
She has magical power. And the only persons who know that Angelina has magical power, are her two best friends Daniel and Stephanie. And her little sister Julia.
Angelina has many problems at school. And then her best friends Daniel and Stephanie can help her.


2. Still a difficult time

The next hour in class, went slower than anything else ... I looked down at the table the rest of the hour, and did not follow at any time. After hours came Edward to me, we had been friends since kindergarten. But in the past we were not together as much anymore because Daniel and Stephenie, took up most of my time, but he meant just as much as them. He looked at me with his beautiful dark brown eyes, and smiled shy to me. His beautiful honey-colored hair was pushed away with his wrinkled hand. He asked if I wanted down to the lake, where we always went down in the summer. We often went down there after a hard day and talked. That's what was nice about Edward, you could always talk to him. And he was the most honest guy I'd ever known.

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