This story is about Angelina.
She has magical power. And the only persons who know that Angelina has magical power, are her two best friends Daniel and Stephanie. And her little sister Julia.
Angelina has many problems at school. And then her best friends Daniel and Stephanie can help her.


3. Down the lake

It was great on the lake. Sun's bright yellow glow blinded me, so I pinched my eyes close together. '' Angelina'' he said. '' Yes'' smiled, and I looked at him. He stood at the banks. '' Come here'' he said, and looked back at me. I stood up, my legs creaked. I hoped he could not hear it. I went to him. My cheeks the color changed to red now. He was really beautiful. I had not really before, noticed how handsome he was. He took my hand, and looked at me. ''Did you know, that you are very beautiful'' said he too me. And smiled. And then i think it was here i, should say ''you are also beautiful''. He smiled, more than before.


And then...WUSH! He pushed me, in the lake. I laughed.

although it was summer, the water was not very cold. Edward jumped in too. We get up at the water hurry. I sat close up to him. He smelled like a dream. The spring wind was cold. But not for me. I' had magical powers, so i was never cold. I could walk with t-shirt in the winter, if i wanted. But that would make me unnormal. And nobody others than Stephenie, Daniel and my littlesister had to know it. Edward had actually also like to know it, but I could just not bring myself to tell him. Although I really wanted to tell him it. After a long time, we took home. When we got to the bridge, we had separated, it was hard to say goodbye to him. We waved goodbye to each other for a long time. I had a fantastic day.

The darkness was actually falling now.

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