Church Girl

Hannah is the daughter of a preist. That and he's over protective, what will happen when her dad finds out she has had a boyfriend, that she has keept a seceret? Find out it Church Girl.


1. Secrets

"Morning dad!" I exlaim running down the stairs of our beach house.

"Morning honey" he says taking a sip of his coffee while reading his newspaper. "How did you sleep" He asks putting his newspaper down.

"Great" I say getting out a glass and taking the orange juice out from the fridge. I started heading over to the table which had a gourgous view of the ocean. I sit down and my shoulder length straight blonde hair fell over my sholders as I fixed my bright blue eyes to the ocean view we had. A while later I sat up, fixing my faded light blue non-jean shorts and my green flowey tank top on my tan skin. I head to my room to get my iPhone and chapstick. Once the two were in my hand, I raced down the stairs to see my dad has left for work, leaving a note saying

I love you honey, I'm off to work.

My phone goes off and I see it's my boyfriend Matt.

'Hey, how are you doing love?' I smile I love Matt's british accent, and how he talks.

'Fantastic how are you' I type back

'I don't know...come to your back door' he replys. Excited I run to the door to see Matt standing on my patio. I open the door and run into his arms.

"Ahhhh!" I sceram "What are you doing here!"

"My family bought a house here!" dang his acent was sexy.

"No way" I start to smile like a idiot. He takes my hand and walks down the beach with me. About 30 minutes later we arrive at a blanket with a picnic baskett.

"Happy 9 month aversery" he says excidlety. He leads me to the blanket and we both sit down.

"This is beautiful" I gasp looking into his eyes. I give him a kiss on the cheek.

"I did all this and that's all I get!" he exclaims laughing.

"Sorry" I say while I giggle. Giving him a kiss. I smile saying "Well, I'm starved!"

"I thought you might had been" he pulls out a turkey sandwhich cut like a heart and hands it to me.

"Aww" I say "Thanks Matt! I love it!"

"You diden't even take a bite of it yet" he says laughing

"Well I know it's going to taste good" I say also laughing taking a bite out of the sandwhich. "And I was right" I say acting like a goofball.

Matt stares at me for a second, then we both start in a fit of laughter. We both lay down and I put my head on his cheast, he kisses my head as we both play with each others hands laughing even more.

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