City Lights

Sofie has always wanted to go to London. So this is her journey of romance with a very special someone:) This is a One Direction Fan-Fiction (Not Famous)


1. Packing Bags

"Fasten your seat belts and we will be arriving in London in 8 hours, have a wonderful flight"

I sigh as I look out the small plane window, my brown eyes watching the plane make it's way to the runway. A while later the plane starts gaining speed as it shoots off into the cool December air. I sit back pushing my light brown hair out of my eyes and I look at my little sister sitting next to me. She is just 10 years old. With me being 8 years older than her, I watch out for her. We look nothing alike considering she was adopted, her blonde straight hair and bright blue eyes are gorgeous. Growing up it was hard, for me and my mom, my dad left me mom years ago when my mom became pregnant with me when she was only 18 years old.  All that is over, my mom isn't doing to well any more, don't get me wrong, she loves us both to the moon and back but......

"Sophie?" I look over at Katelyn and she has out a pen and paper and she has hangman set up.

We play several games of hangman, and Katelyn starts to get tired so she rests her head on my shoulder and we both fall asleep quickly. I wake to find that we were going to be landing shortly, so I wake up my sister and we pack up all of our games.

"You excited?" Katelyn asks me looking up at me with a big smile. The plane lands and we slowly made our way off the plane, it felt weird at first standing up and walking since you know on the plane sitting down for awhile and not moving around a lot. I smiled back at her and nodded

"Yea what about you?"

She jumps up and down with a little squeal,

I laugh at her "I will take that as an yes!"

We started walking through the cows full of busy people coming home from vacation or a business trip. We got our bags and We started making our way to the front of the airport when someone in a rush bumps into me causing me to fall down to the ground along with the other person.

"OW!" I sat up rubbing my head.

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