Across The Ocean

Working long hours at a beach shack on hot summer day's doesn't make your summer the worse. You know your summer's worse when the minute your best friend leaves to camp and her brother turns out to have a crush. But that's not bad even, it gets worse when you start dating him and then when your friend returns and finds out the truth on her own. Will Amanda and James live happily ever after or will their fairy tale at the beach come to an end?


2. Week One

I wake up to the sound of someone knocking on my bed room door.

"Hey mom" I say sitting up.

"Hey Hun, want to go to the beach this afternoon? With Jackie and James?"


"Come on, it's your first week of summer break! Do something fun, and you never know, you and James might hit it off-"


"I'm only joking gosh" she says smiling from ear to ear. "Anyways you have no choice I already asked James and Jackie, and their in his car waiting for you, so get moving" she says walking out of my bedroom closing the door.

I groan making myself walk over to my dresser pulling out my yellow bikini I got for my 16 birthday last year from Lilly. I also thrown on some white shorts and a flowy orange tank. and I finish up my look by doing a fishtail braid down my hair. I grab my iPhone, my iPod and a few magazines and throw them in my bag before I head out the door.

I walk outside to where the sun was beating down my back, when I reach James convertible I see Jackie is sitting in the front. I roll my eyes hopping into the back seat. James starts the car and we head off to the beach.

When we arrive to the beach my sister saw some of her friends and so she ran to go hangout with them. I walk to a clearing in the sand away from the crowed of people. I set up my yellow umbrella and lay down my orange towel and I lay down on my stomach. Pulling out my Seventeen Mag. and an iced tea out of my bag when I see James lay down his towel next to mine and laying down next to me. I could feel him staring at me, so I look up from my magazine  and look at him.

"Yes?" I ask biting my lip, looking at James. He was in his bathing suit, he actually looked kind of cute.

"Don't you want to go swimming?" he asks

'Why so you could look at me in my bikini?" I joke looking at him again. He doesn't answer he just smiles looking around the beach. "JAMES!"

"I'm kidding! Gosh, were at the beach were supposed to swim, and were away from the crowed so you don't need to worry about anyone stealing anything"

I sigh replying with "I guess you are right." I stand up taking off my white shorts and orange tank revealing my yellow bikini. I see James standing up in the corner of my eye and I start to run towards the water, but James runs up next to me picking me up by my waist and he carries me to the water and drops me into the freezing cold water.

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