Across The Ocean

Working long hours at a beach shack on hot summer day's doesn't make your summer the worse. You know your summer's worse when the minute your best friend leaves to camp and her brother turns out to have a crush. But that's not bad even, it gets worse when you start dating him and then when your friend returns and finds out the truth on her own. Will Amanda and James live happily ever after or will their fairy tale at the beach come to an end?


12. Tomorrow

I look at my calendar and I squeal. Lilly was coming home tomorrow. 12 hole weeks with out seeing her! That's 4 months with out my best friend. I hear a ping on the window to my left and I open the door and look down. Typical, it was James. Surprise surprise. I look at the poofy white clouds in the sky and I look back at the man who was sitting cross legged on our green grass throwing pebbles at my window.

"Can I help you?" I ask sweetly

"Were planning a 'Welcome Home' party for Lilly. Want to help?"

"Totally" I say bringing my head back into the air conditioned bed room.

I grab my sunglasses and run down the stairs and outside to great James. He gives me a hug and picks me up and I wrap my hands around his neck and I give him a kiss.

 He smiles at me and takes my hand leading to his car to take me to his house to decorate for the party. I sat in the passenger side of the car and James opens the left door and hopped into the drives seat. I roll down the window as James drives away from my house. My pink flows tank was waving in the wind.  While my black high waisted shorts stood perfectly still. 

It wasn't long before we arrived at the house. I open the door and I walk into a party in the making.

"Hey Amanda" James mother says "How are you?"

"Couldn't be better!" I say giving her a hug. 

She laughs and tells James and I that we will be working the food preparations. James and I head into the kitchen to get started. 

"Stop biting your lip and giving me that looks and help me make some food." I say pushing him farther into the kitchen.

I take out the pita bread out of the fridge and I set it on the plate James had gotten out. I also get out the turkey, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. I start making the food while James flirts and irritates me. 

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