Across The Ocean

Working long hours at a beach shack on hot summer day's doesn't make your summer the worse. You know your summer's worse when the minute your best friend leaves to camp and her brother turns out to have a crush. But that's not bad even, it gets worse when you start dating him and then when your friend returns and finds out the truth on her own. Will Amanda and James live happily ever after or will their fairy tale at the beach come to an end?


7. Make A Wish!

After dinner, I excuse myself from the table and walk out onto the front porch. I hear footsteps follow and stop once I approach the railing of the porch. 

"Its such a beautiful night." I say. I know its James who's behind me without looking. I cross my arms and rest them on the railins and I let the gentle breeze blow through me. All around us, crickets are chirping and trees are rocking with the wind. I feel soft hands wrap around my waist and soon I'm spun around. James holds me tight and leans in kissing my neck and making his way up to my cheek and slowly our lips meet. I ruffle his brown hair and he lifts me up causing my feet to lift up an inch. 

James sets me down and we look at each other for a long time. How was I too blind to see that someone I knew my entire life, loves me. I turn back  and gaze up into the sky. James holds me tight and rests his chin on my shoulder whispering lovely thoughts. Suddenly, a bright, majestic shooting-star flys through the night sky. 

"Make a wish." James whispers into my hair. I shut my eyes softly and make a wish in my head. I open them and look to James. 

"What is your wish?" I ask him. 

"To relive this day forever." He murmurs. He kisses my cheek lightly and then stops. 

"What's your wish?" He ask gazing into my eyes.

"This." I lean in and kiss him passionately. So much kissing! I say in my head, but I like it!

"No, seriously." He says with a smile after kissing. 

"I wish..that..every moment I spend with you is worth it." I whisper. James lifts his chin up and stands behind me, his chest against my back. He hugs me tightly as we gaze up into the beautiful stars above us. 

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