Across The Ocean

Working long hours at a beach shack on hot summer day's doesn't make your summer the worse. You know your summer's worse when the minute your best friend leaves to camp and her brother turns out to have a crush. But that's not bad even, it gets worse when you start dating him and then when your friend returns and finds out the truth on her own. Will Amanda and James live happily ever after or will their fairy tale at the beach come to an end?


1. Bad News

Sunday, May 28th


I hear a knock followed by two more. I knew its Lily. I open the door and let her in. "Hey Lily."

"Hey. I need to tell you something." she brushed shoulder length straight blonde hair with her figures, while fixing her big brown eyes on me. We walk into the kitchen, Lily sits down and I get some chips. I sit right next to her. She has a concerned look on her face. "Well, I know how we have so much planned to do this summer. And you know how I signed up for photography camp." She speaks slowly, like I'm a foreigner. I nod chewing food in my mouth. "Apparently, the camp is in Madagascar." Lily, takes a deep breathe. "Madagascar, The country right by Africa. A gazillion miles from here!" We stare at each other for a long time. Lily was starting to tear up.

I finally broke the silence. "So, how long are you going to be away?"

Lilly thinks for a bit and then answers. "12 weeks."

"That means only two weeks of hanging out." I say.

"Yeah, I know." After Lilly leaves, I stare at my calendar with my bright blue eyes, my long wavey brown hair falls down my back as I remember that Lily leaves in three days. Then it's twelve whole weeks of being friendless. You see, I don't have any friends except for Lilly. Lilly, on the other hand, has tons of friends from school and clubs she has joined over the years. I make a huge red circle on Wednesday. I sigh, sadness finally coming over me. Jackie, my eleven year old sister, walks in. With a four year gap we don't bond that much as normal siblings would.

"Did you take my iPod?" Jackie asks.

"No." I reply nonchalantly. I walk up to my room and close the door.



Wednesday, May 31st


I let go. We have been hugging for a long time now. Lilly, steps down from the porch and waves back. I watch Lilly—along with my family and hers—as she gets inside the car and her dad placing her suitcase and handbag into the trunk. The car starts off slow but gains speed as it travels further down the road. My family, who was standing on the porch besides me, decides to go inside. I remain outside, stepping on my toes to see if I could still see Lily's car, but  fail. I sit on the porch step and place my head into my knees. Soon afterward, I felt someone sit next to me. I knew it wasn't mom or dad and definitely not Jackie. I didn't look up to see who it is.

"I'm going to miss her too, Amanda." He finally spoke. It was tempting to look to see who was talking but I didn't. He leans forward as if he's talking to my knees. "Look, after a long twelve weeks, Lily will be back and you will be right here waiting for her. So don't feel sad, you have the whole summer to look forward to."

This person is very supportive and I had a hunch who it might be. I felt the person get up and walk on the porch. I remain with my head in my knees, following the sounds of the footsteps as he walks on the porch to me then away and then walks back to me. While he scatters the porch, I lift my head a bit to see exactly who it is. To my surprise it is James. I sit up, getting off the stairs and head slowly to my room.

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