Across The Ocean

Working long hours at a beach shack on hot summer day's doesn't make your summer the worse. You know your summer's worse when the minute your best friend leaves to camp and her brother turns out to have a crush. But that's not bad even, it gets worse when you start dating him and then when your friend returns and finds out the truth on her own. Will Amanda and James live happily ever after or will their fairy tale at the beach come to an end?


10. A Storm

"Just Great" I mutter as I step off the Ferris wheel. 

"You think this is bad? I have to walk home in this" he sighs as we got drenched from the pouring rain.

"Come on James we can give you a ride home" my dad says stepping off the little cart.

"No, it's okay" he shakes his head "Thanks for the offer"

"We insist" my mom informs.

"Alright" he smiles giving in.

"Oh, and Amanda...where's Jackie?" My father crosses his arms waiting for my response. 

"She wanted to go off with some of her guy friends"

My parents sigh and started to look for her in the pouring rain. I hear a rumble in the distance then a flash of lightning.

A voice starts to come over the tiny black intercom "The park is now closed due to the weather. We should be open tomorrow. Please exit in a safe manner and have a wonderful rest of the day. Sorry for the inconvenience."

I start heading to the mini van and I am now drenched because of the rain. People start leaving the lines and shaking their heads disappointed. I was nervous for the car ride home.. I hope James doesn't try to kiss me in front of my parents. However, I wasn't as stressed as Lilly when she was finishing school a month early so she could go to camp. We normally get out around June 13. I unlock the car with the keys and I jump into the far back seat. James sits in the seat in front of me.

"Just one more week and she will be back." He says breaking the silence.

"Yep just one more week" I look out the window to see my parents running to the car with Jackie running behind them looks irrated. Did I mention her real name is Jacqueline? Probably not.. I'm always forgetting that part. Jackie sits down next to James and she stares out her window. I cover my face with my hands to stop the rain water from running into my fragile eyes. 

"So, Amanda" Jackie smirks I know what she was going to do. My parents start the car and drive away from the board walk. We only live five minutes away so this was going to be a quick ride...hopefully. "How was your day" she finishes. Okay, so clearly something happened with these guys.

"Um. Fine?" I ask now confused to where she was heading. "How was yours?" I ask

"Fine" she say turning around smirking.

I sit there with a questioned look on my face..what just happened?

We pull up my drive way and park the car. We run to the porch and we unlock the door and run inside to safety. After we run inside we find out that we lost power.

"Isn't this just great" Jackie says with an attitude crossing her arms. James, who was standing behind her mocks her air snapping his fingers into a shap of a Z. I smile thinking of what I could help with.

"I'll go get some candles" I say taking my shoes off before tracking mud throughout the house. 

"I'll help her" James says walking up the stairs along with me.

"I'll help too" Jackie says almost walking after me and James.

"No, stay here were going to need your help for dinner, were going to have sandwiches. I hear Jackie sigh and walk into the kitchen.

"Where are the candles?" James asks.

"In this cabinet right here" I point to a large wooden cabinet at the top of the stairs. I open the door and grab five candles handing three to James I close the door and head down stairs. I walk to the kitchen and grab a lighter and light all five candles. I put three candles on the table behind the couch and two on the kitchen table witch is behind the table that is behind the couch.

"Thanks guys for doing that" my mom states walking into the open layout kitchen/living room.

"No problem" I say plopping down on the couch.

"James, would you like to stay for dinner?" my mom asks putting peanut butter between two slices of bread.

"That would sound lovely" He says setting his Jacket down. He walks into the kitchen helping my mom make a some-what of a dinner. They cut up bananas and opened up caned peaches and pears. I get out some corn chips and some  salsa to-go mini cups out of the pantry. I also get some gram crackers and spread peanut butter on them and set them on a plate. My mom calls my sister and father to dinner. I set the peanut butter sandwiches, caned fruits, chips and salsa, gram crackers and bananas on the table while my mom adjusted the two candles that were on the table. Clouds were rolling in making the sky dark and just a slight rumble was coming closer and closer.

I was ready for the most odd dinner of my life.

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