Those 3 words

Morgan and Macayla are on tour with there band when they meet some one special. One direction. They soon find love and ride on the rolls coaster of life. There is to many looped da loopers in the ride. With they quit there band or will they just forget about there life outside of there double life.


2. Road trip with the VIP

Before the tour we held a huge worldwide contest to meet us. We didn't know who the winner was because we didn't choose.
" We will be at your VIP meet and greet in about an hour Morgan and Macayla!" Jim our bus driver says over the intercom.
I hear a BANG and a creaking noise that's hard to explain. I start thinking that the bus is going to tip over so I start to hyperventilate and having a panic attack. Morgan gives me the large decorated bag I colored on to indicate it was not used to put our lunch in. Jim comes running back telling us something that we didn't want to hear.
"Well ladies, we have broken down, but we are right beside the beach. If you all want to go-" we interrupt him with a huge "YES!!". We put our suits on and run down to the beach. I wanted to practice my guitar on the nice quiet beach with Morgan. This is a tradition. Singing song that we know by heart is the only way to sing from your heart. My grandfather saying that pops up into my mind. He was the best. I loved him so much, then he well, I don't want to talk about that now. Anyways me and Morgan are singing crazy songs like " I love rock and roll" and " summer of 69" . When we got finished with our songs I ran up the the bus to put my guitar in my room.
" We will not be at the meet and greet today? This is so bad Bill. The girls will be heart broken!" I was eased dropping on Jim . This is a very bad habit of mine that I need to break. I go to the back door and run in and out of there as fast as I could. I ran down the sand dunes like I was skiing almost. I was like gliding on air. Then I hear " RUN BOYS RUN!" From a British voice whispering behind a bush as I turn around. I start stamping toward the back of the bush and 5 boys pop out of nowhere. I start to sprint and I get in front of them then I realized I was in front of the biggest icons in the world. One Direction.
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