Those 3 words

Morgan and Macayla are on tour with there band when they meet some one special. One direction. They soon find love and ride on the rolls coaster of life. There is to many looped da loopers in the ride. With they quit there band or will they just forget about there life outside of there double life.


3. Party all day all night DJ Malik DJ Malik.

Morgan POV
I was sitting on a beach hair that the beach provided. The emerald green ocean crashing Lon a white beach. It was so beautiful. I get up and I start walking down the cool beach sand. It was almost sunset. The sky was a orange type color with traces of blue. I fin a near by pier and sit dangling my legs. I started to hear something behind me. A guitar that was playing a beautiful tune. I start humming closing my eyes to relax. Then I hear running. I jump up and I start running away from the pier thinking it was a fan mob. I hide behind a bush a close my eyes.i hear the thump of feet hitting the pier , then a loud splash. I decided it was ok to come out of panick mode as Macayla says. As soon as I get up I see ma Ayla on the ground laughing and I I look at the end of the pier. It was one direction.
" Morgan!! Hey, sorry I umm ran off. I would like you to meet some people. BOYS! Don't drown you selves! Sorry lol this is one direction." Macayla says in a announcing voice. I start laughing and so do the boys. This was huge. Major! I can't scream in front of them I think to my self. I start to panick and I run away. I run like I was afraid to be ate alive by humiliation and embarrassment. Because I was. I run into the bus and into the back room where I usually hide. I cry my self to sleep. I wake up the next morning in a ice cold bus. I forgot the bus doesn't run anymore so I was panicky one again. I hear Macayla's ringtone from my phone and hit the answer button.
"Hello?" I say like I was calm a collective, but I really wasn't.
" Hey I'm at niall's parents house. I sorta went to dinner with them." She said like she was scared about something.
"Oh, and one more thing I - " Macayla gets cutoff because my phone dies. Now I'm worried because we are leaving today.
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