Those 3 words

Morgan and Macayla are on tour with there band when they meet some one special. One direction. They soon find love and ride on the rolls coaster of life. There is to many looped da loopers in the ride. With they quit there band or will they just forget about there life outside of there double life.


1. Cleaning with memories


" Niall! You can't get married with this girl! I'm the one for you!! You love me and I love you!" I was reading a fan fic while I was cleaning out my room in our old tour bus that belonged to our bus driver because, well, he is a bus driver. I called Morgan in to the bus and she came running in like her pants were on fire and I was holding a bucket of water or something ready to throw. We walked straight to the back of the bus because that's what I was working on most of the day. Morgan seemed happy that I cleaned the bus. I never clean the bus. I never clean my room, what makes you think I'm going to clean the bus. I knew I was forgetting something. I run over all my mental notes on what to clean and not to clean because Morgan doesn't want to touch anything that could stir up my asthma. I get towards the front of the bus and smell the worst smell of all. I run straight back out door and into my car for my paper bag that helps me from freaking out if it was like a mouse. I could hear Morgan getting closer. Her feet pounding the ground like a horse. It felt like I was at my grandfathers house in Kentucky. There was tons of horse races and ranches there. My grandfather had a huge meadow I would lay down in. My black brown and red hair softly tangles with weeds sticking up listening to the birds chirp, and sing songs in my ears. I would climb over fences near the meadow to pick sweet berries near a hill side and sometimes paint like a Native American . I felt so relaxed and calm. I realized I had fell asleep and Morgan thought I had passed out.
" I was worried about you for a minute. I thought we would've had to go back to the hospital. " Morgan was breathing very heavy and had a very troubled look on her face.
" You know that thing in the drivers seat that made us run here."
" Yes." I say trembling in my seat.
" Well, do you remember we were helping you sister with that project for her science course?" She says trying not to burst into laughter.
" Please don't tell me it's that-" I get interrupted by Morgan bursting into laughter like she always did.
" Oh yes, sir hot dog is fully cooked !" She says snorting because she thinks it is so funny.
My sister had to do a project , and she wanted us to help her. Well we did a 3 month experiment while she was at the warm, sunny beach. We had to take time off from our tour to do this. She got a "C" because we did kindergarten writing. We walk back to the bus and set off on our tour after cleaning the bus for another hour.
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