Your Life Guide to being Random

Blarh this is a blurb. Funny word... blurb... is isnt it?


6. What to do when you are bored in class

Hello everyone!!! I am SnowdropBee and this is my first chapter!!! Yay!!!

Back to da boook.

You know when you are in a geography lesson and you just can't keep yourself awake? This is how to liven up those mountains!


1. Start an evil laugh and stare at your crush


2. Doodle a stickman and complain to the teacher that he is copying off you.


3. Raise your hand and say ' Sorry, I don't speak English.' (Or French or Spanish or whatever language you speak)


4. Bang your head against the desk and groan, then complain to the teacher that your multiple personalities are fighting again.


5. Yell some of the words in chapter 1


6. DOODLE!!! :)


7. Pass a note around that says: 'There is a pencil stuck to the ceiling'. Lol as you watch people look for the non-existent pencil.


8. Suck a mint REALLLY loudly and when everyone stares, widen your eyes and shrug.


9. Count how many times the teacher says mountain. 


10. Siiiiiiiing! Singitloudersingitclearer...:)


BTW: Not all of these ideas are mine, give some credit to the wonderful people of Yahoo Answers! :)

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