Your Life Guide to being Random

Blarh this is a blurb. Funny word... blurb... is isnt it?


15. The Zebra Statistic

The zebra statistic is something I have been musing about lately. It is the idea that our life is linked to the statistics of it. Think about this. If you travel every day on the tube, on your own, the chance of you dying in a train crash is 1 in 65,870. Though a slim chance of it happening, you do not want to take any chances.

If you brought a zebra with you on the tube every day, the chance of you being killed in a train crash WITH A ZEBRA is something close to one in a billion. So technically, you will have less of a chance in dying in a train crash if you have a zebra with you. By that standard, you should take the zebra everywhere. Then you will have the smallest chance of dying. That would solve all your problems!

But don't go and buy a zebra. Why not? Because if everybody bought a zebra, the odds would be levelled again, and that would mean having a zebra would be pointless. Instead, get your own animal! Get a mouse or a hamster or an emu or a lion! Well, not a lion, that wouldn't help at all. But you know what I mean.


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