Your Life Guide to being Random

Blarh this is a blurb. Funny word... blurb... is isnt it?


10. The Everything Thing

Yesterday i did it again. You know what i mean? The everything thing. Do you ever do the everything thing? It goes something like this.

Yesterday i was trying to play this song on my guitar that i used to know really well, but i'm really out of practise so it sounded like rubbish so i felt really bad. I felt that if i had just practised a little more every day for the past four years i would be so awsome but i wasn't and i don't and what other things am i not practising right now?

Should i study more languages so that i can travel more? Have i travelled enough? How much time do i even have left to travel?

Is this even the life that i am supposed to be living? Is there another life that would make me more satisfied? And why don't i have more friends?

Am i even connecting with the friends i already have? Is there something wrong with me? Is it TOO LATE?!

THATS the everything thing.

The everything thing sucks!

Sure, there's times in my life where i know i have to make changes, but thats no reason to scare the hair off myself.

So you know what i do when i get the everything thing?


Chasing your happy is when you do something that makes you happy but not something normal like reading or singing. i mean the crazy, spontanious, origional, squizdumptional things.

Mine include making up new words, making fruit friends and vegeta-pals, hi-fiving the universe, typing like a crazy secutary in a silent movie and playing the interestingly game.

The interestingly game is where you take someone on a tour somewhere and you start every line with the word interestingly followed by a massive lie. For example:

(walks up to the clay rabbit in the kitchen)

Interestingly, at exactly ten seconds after midnight this rabbit turns into the easter bunny.


P.S. This is a mixture of my words, and the brilliant mind of zefrank. Look him up on youtube.

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