Your Life Guide to being Random

Blarh this is a blurb. Funny word... blurb... is isnt it?


4. The art of laugh

When the only conversation going on is about the economy or work or giant asteroids hurtling towards the earth and are about to crush us all, it is always best to stop the conversation with a random laugh. but the laugh has to be PERFECT.

To start with, you have to have a bored face. Then just wait, silently, until the conversation is in full flow. There is no point in laughing if everyone is silent.

Then start laughing. Really giggle. While laughing, try pointing at random people or shrugging your shoulders and shaking your head.

Like this:


Make sure you stop completely when you decide to stop. No after giggles, no smiles, and no explanation to describe your actions. Just a poker face.

P-P-P-Poker face p-p-poker face... STOP IT GEORGIA! Sorry, just a bit of gaga. Lady Gaga, that is.

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