Your Life Guide to being Random

Blarh this is a blurb. Funny word... blurb... is isnt it?


7. How to annoy people in a lift

Lifts journeys are sometimes awkward... Here are some tips to make them more so! :)


1. Grin at another passenger and then announce: I've got new socks on


2. Crash from side to side as though you are sailing on rough seas


3. Suggest you all have a singalong


4. Say 'ding' at each floor


5. Meow occasionally


6. Stand silent and motionless in the corner of the lift, facing the wall without getting off when the lift stops


7. (the best one!)  Open your bag and while peering inside, ask, got enough air in there?


8. Draw a small square on the floor with chalk and say to a passenger 'This is your personal space'.



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