1D imagine

Well if you want it just comment or mention on twitter and i make you one
ps.i dont do dirty imagine and my twitter name is @S_Amanda_S


4. Liam Imagine

You Pregnant whit liam baby but have no idea how to tell him.
You just watch your baby bump when liam bark in to your room (you and liam room)
He just stood there shok and have no idea what to say
You start cry and pack your things because you allreasy know its over
But liam stop you and say "what are you doing?" "packing,because i know its over" you say
"who say its over? I dont want you raise our child alone,its my fault to you pregnant.beside i love you to much to leave you" he said while crying "promise" "promise"
6 month later you guys have a beutiful baby boy or girl (you choose) and he still keep his promise for not leaving you

the end :)

Ariza K.Amanda
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