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6. for Tara_Styles_13

I was running to my next class knowing that im already late and sneeking in to my classroom hoping mr powell will no see me.but he did.

"miss (y/l/n) did you know that you already late?"


I got stop by mr powell saying.

"i dont wanna hear it! DETENTION!!! "

"but but but"

"No But"

"yes mr powell"

after that argument whit mr powell,i sit in my chair and have feeling that everyone watching me.im right.after 15 minutes of studying the door open and reviel the one and only Harry Styles.

"mr styles did you know what time is is?"

"ofcourse i did"

"and did you know that you already late?"

"well,yeah but-"



He sit beside me and smile at me showing his cute dimples.i cant resies to smile back.
*skip the study*

After the ball rang everyone go out of the class as fast as they can,but me and harry stay for the detention.after 15 minutes of detention mr powell go out of the class.exactly after the door clouse,harry drag me out of the room.

"Harry! What are you doing? We gonna get so much troble"

"i dont care"

He take me to football feild and start slow dancing whit me.I laugh and say.

"what are we doing?"

He smiles and say "dancing ofcourse"

"in the middle of football feild?"



"yes harry?"

"i like you"



"but why? Im ugly"

"what?!? No you not, you the most beutiful girl that i ever see,your strawberry blonde hair,your beutiful blue eyes,your personality i just like you a lott,wait change that i love you a lott"

"you love me?"


"but im not pretty,sexy,sma-"
My sance got cut of by harry kissing me.

"shut up! You pretty in my eyes,you sexy in my eyes, and you definitly smart in my eyes"

i just smile like an idiot after he say that

"Tara will you be my girlfriend?"

"YES harry a billion time yes"

The End

Ariza K.Amanda

Author note:sorry you need to wait so long i just so busy whit school and my laptop was not helping either so yeah.hope you like it tara sorry if you dont. :)x
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