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5. For Loveable_Me

author notes:ok,i know i said i will stop this stoy but Loveable_Me comment so i have a hop to write again hope youlike it mel :)

Your Dughter or Son: "i want story daddy!"

Louis: "ok then,what do you want?"

Your Daughter or Son: "when you ask mommy to be your girlfriend daddy"

Louis: "ok,so here we go"


Louis POV:

Today im going to ask mel to be my girlfried i hope she say yes,because if she's not i think im going die.Well you must be wondering where am i,im at my way to mell house because im gonna take her to the park,when the first time i meet her.ok i need to stop talking at myself now because im already at mel house.


Mell: "WAIT A SECOND!!!"

*open the door*

Mell: "oh hey lou"

Louis: "hey mel ready to go? "

Mell: "ok,just wait a second"

Louis: "sure take you time"

Than she flash me his billion price smile and i just melt in there,i mean seriously how can i get so lucky to have him to be my girlfriend ok i know what you think she's not your girlfriend dofus well yet

Mell: "lou you ok?"

Louis: *blush* "yeah im ok just daydreaming"

Mell: "oh yeah? about what?"


Mell: "ok?"

phew that was close

*skip at the drive to park part*

Mell: "HEY! this place is the first time we meet"

Louis: "yeah....hey mell can i ask you a question?"

Mell: "yeah sure,shoot"

Louis: "will you be my girlfriend?"

Mell: "WHAT?!? bt why?"

Louis: "i ask you to be my girlfriend,and why is because you so damn beutiful the way you smile,the way your long curly brown hair fall to your sholde,you eyes i just always so sparkling and always change colour,you personality it just it just im in love whit you mel"

Mell: *starts to cry*

Louis: "oh mell....please dont cry its okay if you dont want to be my girlfriend,i just hope w-"

Mell: "LOUIS SHUT UP,ofcourse i want to e your girlfriend im just crying of happines,no one ever say that to me"

Louis: "well im glad im the first one say it to you,oh and is that mean we official?''

I ask her whit hope

Mell: "ofcourse lou"


Louis:"and that's how i ask your mom to be my girlfriend"

Your Daugther or Son: "i want more daddy"

Louis: "tommorow princess or bud now we go to bed okay?"

Your Daugther or Son: "okay daddy night"

Louis: "night princess or bud"

*close the dorr quietly*

Mell: "i like the story"

Louis: "me too"


the end


ps:sorry if you dont like it i just do my best :)


Ariza K.Amanda

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