1D imagine

Well if you want it just comment or mention on twitter and i make you one
ps.i dont do dirty imagine and my twitter name is @S_Amanda_S


8. for eza_1D

"hey princess...you ready?"
"yes daddy"
"look at you...you so beutiful"
"thanks daddy"
"i just want you to know no matter what happened, you will always be my princess"
"sshh don't cry princess, your make up will ruin"
"ok and i will always be your princess daddy i love you"
"i love you too erin"

*skip at walking down the alse because im to lazy to writ it :p *

"do you take niall james horan to be your lovely husband?"
"i do"
"and do you take erin marry williams to be your lovely wife?
"i do"
"you may kiss the bride"

After you guys kiss niall said

"hello mrs horan" he say whit a lovely smile and you smile back.

by:Ariza K.Amanda

ps.sorry for making you wait for so long im just so busy at this month,an really sorry for this shit chapter erin im just not good at wedding imagine and im sorry if thats not your middle and last name.
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